Why use VR for a de-stress program?

Why use VR for a de-stress program?

Meditation has been practiced in all kinds of cultures for thousands of years as a means to calm the mind,refine the attention, and gain insight into the nature of human existence. During centuries we have developed practices and also aligned with the technology where we can listen to a script on our headphones.
However, centuries ago we did not live in hectic cities or have a work routine like today, so we use VR for teleportation and by that giving the user a private space to calm the mind.
The body ́s state of alertness is lowered when in contact with nature as the parasympathetic nerve system is activated. In other words, a stay in nature in itself assumingly has a positive effect on stress and VR is a fast way to get there no matter what time of day or present location.
We imagine that if our ancestors had the same technological possibilities as us they would have come up with the same idea – like famous 16th century painters might have been filmmakers did they have the opportunity.


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